West Perth Nail Technician: Creating Balance Between Nail Business And Personal Life

Becoming a nail technician in Australia and owning a nail salon is such a rewarding and an enjoyable career. Like any other career, it too has a number of benefits and downsides that make or break one’s confidence.


However, many nail service business owners find it hard to balance between operating the business on a strictly professional level and keeping it on a ‘friendly’ level with their clients.

This is an observation of experts. It is said that in the nail business, making friends with clients is something that you cannot do away with. Whether you like it or not, you will be having a somewhat closer level of ‘person to person’ interaction.

The danger of getting swayed into that closer connection is losing control of your own business, since there will be a tendency that clients will unknowingly take over its control.

Certainly, friendly relations between a West Perth nail technician and a client will go a long way in terms of customer loyalty and easy referrals. However, it does not automatically mean that the client whom you have been close to could ever have the chance to take control of your business.

Such unfortunate case could become obvious when a client starts to dictate upon the owner as to when appointments should be set, how to do the nails, and in extreme cases, to determine by himself or herself how much they are going to pay – a scenario that should not be.

If you want your nail salon business to professionally prosper, you have to put an end to such occurrence. Experts advise that in no way will you ever allow that to happen right from the very beginning. However, if it is already happening, you can still take action to remedy the situation:

Be firm about appointments and bookings.
You could politely but firmly say ‘NO’ if your client asks for another time for nail art designs service just because something popped up suddenly and she could not make it on time. Even if you do have a spare time left, you do not have to overwork yourself just to accommodate one extended request. Further, you can either refer her to another colleague or tell her to be the first customer of the following day.

One useful technique here would be to plot your calendar days and time on the occasions that you will be having for your own personal affairs, for family and for professional service. Accommodate bookings only at your free time. Be firm and stand your ground. Besides, you are the owner hence it is your call.

Do not worry over losing one displeased client that you have not accommodated. If you had allowed it in the first place, you’ll be the one to suffer in the long run. Nevertheless, there are always exceptions to the rule. It is up to you to discover genuine excuses from alibis.

Show professionalism.
If you want to become the best nail salon in Perth, act as if you know it all so that clients cannot dictate on how their nails are done. Show confidence in being a professional nail technician. After all, it is you who have undergone nail and beauty courses, not them.
Ask only about basic questions as to shape, length, colour and briefly explain what it is you’re going to create for them. Do not let them instruct you on what to do. Other than that, you are better off as a listening ear, someone whom they can be trust for their little secrets in life.

Set your price.
You do not have to resort to gimmicks like giving away nail art for free just to lure in more customers. Efficient and good service, nice welcoming ambiance and competitive prices can bring in the sale. Set your price straight for all the services and stick to it. Your clients will get used to it in the end. Be reasonable about add-on costs like nail art and designs to avoid misunderstanding.

Strive to be the best nail technician

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