North Perth Indonesian Restaurant: Biting into Authentic Indonesian Delicacy

Most north Indonesian restaurants in Perth offer hot scrumptious meals that any hungry stomach can afford. If you are tired of the usual fixtures on your dinner table, why not go and visit one of these restaurants conveniently located in your neighbourhood?

Indonesian Delicacy
A number of westerners have become avid lovers of Asian food. Why, because they are healthy, pleasant-tasting and most of all, uses only the best and the freshest of ingredients that make diners savour the best of Asian flavour in every bite.

This is the secret of Asian cookery. Chefs come up with simple but mouth-watering dishes that anyone can partake in while staying in Australia – to make that even more intriguing, they only use the freshest produce gathered from all around Asian regions.

Satisfy your curiosity and hunger with a cuisine that comes from a land rich in tradition, beliefs, resources and history. Eating in an Indonesian restaurant is a heavenly experience as you are offered with a menu-full of traditional dishes with a few innovative additions.

If you are from the West, do not be scared to escape from your comfort zone. Come on out and take a bite off some authentic Indonesian delicacy at any North Perth Indonesian restaurant. Take a little effort when looking for cheap eats somewhere in the north, and there you will find the most savoury Indonesian meals.

Undeniably, Asian cuisine is predominantly rice-oriented. This is so because rice is the staple food in Asia. You do not consider a menu “Asian” without rice in the list. Fortunately, Indonesian restaurants have discovered unique ways of preparing rice to make it more acceptable to the choosiest eaters. They do not just eat; they gobble.

One such preparation is the Fried Rice. It is said that fried rice used to be a poor man’s dish. Why, because it is leftover rice with just about anything put into it, only to make it palatable and attractive. However, in recent times, it has become tastier, thus fast becoming a favourite of many Westerners. Thanks to the best indonesian restaurants, today you’ll never look at rice the same way again.

The bestsellers in most Asian restaurants in Perth are the traditional Fried Rice and the Vegetarian Fried Rice. The traditional fried rice variants usually contain roast pork or bacon bits. On the other hand, non-meat eaters will be delighted to hear that the vegetarian fried rice is very colourful with an assortment of small-diced carrots, string beans, green peas, bean curd spliced altogether with egg and shrimp paste.

Now, doesn’t that make you drool? Try this one exciting dish packed with all the rice goodness and cooked the Indonesian way — a sure-fire way to satisfy your cravings!

Another equally popular food item in most Asian menus is the ubiquitous Noodles. It is a common and popular belief in Asia that the long strands are for long life. Chefs in the best north Indonesian restaurants have come up with different flavourful varieties of noodle dishes that will surely leave you asking for more.

These food items really taste good when mixed with either beef, chicken, pork or seafood strips, plus veggies sliced thinly. What adds to its taste and aroma are the sesame seeds, garlic, chili sauce, chives, sherry and more. Truly, a delightful one-dish meal that is good until the last strand.

Indonesian cuisine is but one part only of the entire plethora of Asian cookery. Each country in the Asian region boasts of its unique cuisine entirely different from those of its neighbours. When combined and done with a little innovation, you can come up with as many delectable dishes that are distinctly Asian in taste, aroma and appearance.

Therefore, you can call Asian food a classification of convenience because the different cuisines cannot be classified as one. There is no wonder why the number of supporters and consumers of delectable Asian dishes prepared at the best restaurant in Perth has been steadily growing in number.

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