Getting Trendy Nails – North Perth Nail Technician

A beauty therapy routine is never complete without proper grooming of the nails. Indeed, nail care is every bit important as getting hair treatment or skin therapy. If a woman wants to look classy and chic, the thing she needs is a perfect manicure.
The first step to getting trendy nails is keeping your fingernails healthy. Apparently, numerous factors contribute to naturally strong nails – nutrition, hygiene and having a trusted technician for grooming. Proper nail care should be done on a regular basis.
Advantages of Professional Manicure

Getting Trendy Nails

1. Quality service. Nail technicians are licensed and highly trained. They aim for customer satisfaction that’s why you can expect a quality outcome. With these professionals, you don’t have to worry about over polished nails or misshapen edges.

2. Latest products. With salon businesses getting more competitive, every establishment ensures that they’re well-equipped with the latest tools and products. They can provide you with a wide array of nail technology services to choose from.

3. Get pampered. Aside from buffed and polished fingernails, technicians give extra pampering services. It may include hand cleansing, moisturising and massage that can benefit your hands. Not to mention a more relaxing environment.

4. Sanitary tools. Your own tools may bring more harm especially if you seal it in a bag without sanitizing them. After each appointment, a North Perth nail technician scrubs the tools then use a hospital-grade sanitizer for total disinfection.

5. Fix ups. No need to worry about a messed-up polish job. Nail technicians understand that accidents do happen. In matters of smudges or chipping days after your appointment, most salons offer a freebie fix to make your nails look amazing – again!
Popular Must-try Manicure Trends

1. UV Gel Manicures. Most polishes last only a week and you have to sit and wait for a long time for the polish to dry. Here comes the UV Gel – lacquers that quickly harden once applied and dried under a UV lamp to make it almost indestructible. It can also last up to three weeks.

2. Gradation. Also known as Ombre nails, it’s a type of manicure wherein a gradient effect is created. The tip of the nail is gradually faded to clear or white at the cuticle. These faded hues became an instant hit in nail salons worldwide.

3. Bedazzled French. If you’re a fan of French tips, you’ll surely love this new two-toned trend. Coloured bedazzled tips are the way to go. Unlike those typical nail art designs, they add a dose of freshness. You can enjoy French and glitters.

4. Nail Blocking. Rather than putting one colour on all ten fingers, why not play with it? With the use of pastel-coloured polishes, nail blocking art is achieved by alternating colours. It exudes a more young and carefree feel. It’s so popular that most celebrities in Hollywood are trying it!

5. Metallics. You might have seen Beyoncé and Blake Lively rocking it. Metallic nails are super-futuristic with an eye-catching chrome finish. It definitely adds a spark to a standard manicure. Designs even include animal prints, floral and stripes.
Keeping your Nails More Beautiful
Unhealthy nails can’t be covered even by the trendiest nail designs. To stay on the road to beautiful nails, apply the proper care. Make it a habit to moisturise your cuticles and nails at home. This will reduce breakage, chipping, cracking and splitting.

Avoid acetone-based polish removers. Nail technicians are aware that acetone can dry the cuticles and nail plate making it brittle. Most salons now use non-acetone based removers that are not harsh to the skin and nails.
According to a Perth nail salon, most clients limit the pampering just to their fingernails. Well, toenails are just as important. Caring for the nails is not as hard as you think. Keeping your hands and feet healthy is the best way to keep them attractive.

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